Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Visited Charminar recently. A nice monument in the midst of a chaotic Lane.

Amazing art work on the roof.

This is the staircase that takes us to the top of the monument.

Entrances on the top

Pls visit my photosite for more pics of this monumnet.

Like any other monumnet, you can find cigrette stubs, pan spittings here.

This building desperately needs some maintenance.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Yannai Katta - Guruvayoor

Yanna Katta, the elephant sanctuary that houses abt 64 elephants is a must-see spot in Guruvayoor. This complex houses an extra large pond to bath elephants, a vetinary hospital, a weighbridge and covered shelter for the elephants, that are donated to the Guruvayoor temple.

Padhmanabha, the superstar of them all.

The Extra Large Swimming pool

Palm leaves is the main food.

'Govindhan' suppositely donated by our JJ

Elephant weigh-bridge

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Vandalur Zoo!!

Went to Vandalur Zoo last saturday and overheard a converstiaon between 2 staffs

"Compundla ottai neriya ierukku matikitta problem ayidum"
"Sekiram edhavadhu Pannu"

Went on a lion safari..they take u into the man-made forests in a fully closed 'box' mahindra van.The lions were sickly thin..prehaps the zoo staff take some off the meat meant for the Lions!!

The driver parked the van just a couple of feet from where the lions were sitting. The lions didnt even bother to ROAR!!

Here are the pics of the Lions taken from my mobile..

Monday, July 03, 2006


Had been to mumbai last week. Nasty rains screwed up my oor-suthufying plans. still managed to go to Elephanta Caves.
Elephanta Caves..Worth seeing inspite of the the 1 hr 'sea-sick' frerry ride and the long walk from the boat jetty to the Caves.

A pic of Taj Mahal Palace taken from the Arabian Sea.
ride safe

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

ECR and Romance

Dunno why, the ECR and romance are inseperable . There are a few 'hot spots' in the ECR that the form the heaven for all kinds of activites. For the unaware, this is one such 'Den'.

It is also a dream road for any biker. A 145 Km of road with no potholes / speed breakers.

Here is a pic of my bike, shot during one of the lunch rides to pondy with our
Madrasbulls Gang.